Dario Argento, 1977
Together with Deep Red, this is considered Dario Argento’s masterpiece.

A young American, Suzy (Jessica Harper), enrols in the Dance Academy in Freiburg. As she witnesses strange goings-on, she gets the feeling that the school is inhabited by unusual presences. It transpires that the Academy was founded by a woman whom many believe to be a witch, whose followers now try to kill Suzy. But Suzy saves herself by stabbing the founder, whose death triggers the death of all the other witches.

The fragrances inspired by SUSPIRIA

“The witch’s breath embraces and bewitches the young dancers who twirl on the old school’s parquet. Pink ballet shoes and flimsy tulle. The chypre notes of iris hint at the dancers’ tender age, contrasting with the light mist that cloaks the dance school with a disturbing aura. The tender bouquet of white flowers refers to purity, counterbalancing the deep, dark notes of olibanum. The blend of precious woods, patchouli and musk brings the curtain down on the fragrance.”

gothic movies - Accademia del Profumo


Cristian Calabrò

Christian’s career started with studies in the chemicals sector. CFF gave him the opportunity to tackle new creative challenges. “I draw my inspiration from all my passions: painting, music, the cinema and literature. That’s where I source the images and settings that I then transform into olfactory suggestions. I love my work, because it allows me to get to know unusual ingredients, to elaborate sophisticated elements, to express my fantasy and to leave a memory of me in every fragrance.

“Angular and cutting, this fragrance expresses the lead character’s palpitating terror. The strident green notes, metallic and peppery, tell the story of the sudden shattering of windows, of icy wind and screams of fear. The gloomy atmosphere of the closed space is cold and dank: and here are vetiver, earthy fermented notes and the grassy side of oak moss. A resinous and leathery chalk accord recalls the flaking plasterwork that raises a dirty, smoky dust of silver birch, incense and cedarwood.”

gothic movies - Accademia del Profumo


Mariaceleste Lombardo

Mariaceleste was born and brought up in a small village in Sicily, where she breathed in the perfumes of her native land, orange blossom and jasmine, in a place surrounded by vineyards and sun-kissed fruit orchards. After training, which also took her to Grasse, she joined Moellhausen in 2021. Wearing a perfume is an act of communication and we all have a great responsibility when we use it, as our olfactory aura announces us to others and leaves a vivid souvenir of us. An indelible memory.

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