Sergio Leone, 1965
This is one of the movies with which Sergio Leone invented the “spaghetti western” genre.

Set in New Mexico, the movie tells the story of two cowboys (Manco, the Man with No Name, Clint Eastwood and Colonel Mortimer, Lee Van Cleef) who are hunting the bandit El Indio (Gian Maria Volonté). Both want him dead, but for different reasons: the first for the bounty, the second to avenge his brother’s death. In the final duel, El Indio is killed by the Colonel who, satisfied with his vendetta, leaves the bounty to Manco.

The fragrances inspired by FOR A FEW DOLLARS MORE

“I wanted to open this fragrance with a gunpowder accord, to refer to the scent of eccentricity and adrenalin that’s typical of westerns, then make it more sparkling with citrus fruits. I interpreted the scene when the star arrives in San Miguel on horseback using leather accord to hint at the smell of a dusty saddle, softening it all with a note of tonka. The smoked note of styrax came to my aid to conjure up the star’s final duel.”

westerns - Accademia del Profumo


Luca Maffei

This young talent of Italian perfumery started out in 2007 as assistant perfumier in the family business. He then started an individual training experience with Françoise Marin, creator of fragrances and ex-principal of the Roure school of perfumery (Givaudan) in Grasse, and studied raw materials using the Jean Carles method. Back in Italy, he joined M&M Fragrances and signed his first creations. In 2011, he and his father together created Atelier Fragranze Milano, where he is creator perfumier and CEO.


“When the music stops, you take your pistol and try to shoot… you try. The music starts and the fragrance is born. Inspired by that moment of suspense before the last duel, a moment that’s rich in silences interrupted by only a few significant words: you know the game. A perfume that needs little to be described: intense and profound, like those instants that feel endless.”

westerns - Accademia del Profumo


Marco Genovese

Genovese has a profound knowledge of the raw materials at the base of the fragrance manufacturer’s work. Since 1989, he has focused great passion and dedication on creating, interpreting the inspiration of the internationally renowned brand Creasens, which he founded and where he now serves as CEO.